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Welcome to Bob and Brenda's Ghost Town Seekers,.........Add to Favorites list!

On this site we cover exploring and photography with history articles of sites in Nevada, California, Utah, and Missouri , plus a little Vegas gallery. Brenda and I explore ghost towns, mining camps, mines, cemeteries, stage stations, rail road sidings, historic ranches and just about anything historic.

We came out here from the mid west in 1997 and started gold panning along with ghosttowning right from the start. It wasn't until I found my first Ghosttown, ( Stateline ) that I got the real bug bad. I also do magazine articles on Nevada History and anything relating to Nevada. Starting 2006 I will start a Native Anerican page. This will cover the native american history and events in Nevada.

I love to share my photograph's of everything I see. This site is my way of expressing myself to everyone. This will give you an idea of what our trips have been like. We have 200 Ghosttown sites plus stories on historic legends along with over 2330 photo's. I hope you enjoy this site, you can E-MAIL ME me if you have something you want to share or maybe find out about.

In the Memory of !
Brian Furthmeyer !

Dorothy Belle Wynn !

Brenda Eloise Wynn !

Do YOU drive across Nevada ! Read this, be safe !

"There just Ain't no site too REMOTE".

" Dec, 2013"

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